Think back to the carefree times when you were a kid. You would jump on your bike, cool summer breeze on your face, racing all the neighborhood kids, maybe even getting a little daring, and trying to make your front wheel pop off the ground. Now think about your little ones jumping on their bikes, does this make you nervous or excited? It is okay to feel a little bit of both because we know that with the joys of riding a bike also comes the inevitable crashes and accidents.

Riding a bike is an excellent way to work on building those larger muscle groups, coordination, improving cardiovascular and endurance skills and even working on some of those higher-level thinking and problem-solving tools. The staff here at Kids Place Therapy Services want our families to remember a few tips and strategies to stay safe while your little ones are out on their bicycles this summer.

Stay safe on bikes by following the tips below:

  • Measure your child’s height, weight and their head measurement prior to going to the store.
  • Look at the recommendations on the bike to see what bike will fit your child based on their height.
  • Look at the recommendations on the helmet to see if the circumference (measurement around the head) is listed. Helmets should sit comfortably 1 inch above the eyebrows and not wiggle on the rider’s head.
  • Bike seats and pedals should be secure.
  • Tires should be inflated to the indicated pressure.
  • Wear bright colors so that motorists can easily spot the riders.
  • Teach riders about looking both ways before crossing any place a car may cross.
  • Teach children at a young age how to identify different road signs and what they mean.


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