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Behaviors and Routines

What types of feelings does the upcoming holiday break invoke in you? Are you excited to have some time off of work to spend with your family? Are you feeling guilty that you are not looking forward to the break because your kids will be at home leaving you to entertain them? For many people, […]

Promoting Speech with Cooking

November 2021 5 ways cooking can be a speech and language enriching activity Thanksgiving is coming up!  What a great time to get your child involved in all the cooking and prep work for that big holiday meal.  Cooking together is such a wonderful bonding experience for both the child and parent. So you may […]

Identifying Muscle Weakness in Children

Identifying Muscle Weakness in Children 1. Baby turns head primarily to one side or head is tilting to one side. 2. Baby is not holding their head up by 4 months. 3. Baby declines to put weight through their legs by 6 months. 4. Baby is not sitting independently by 8 months. 5. Baby is […]

Fall is Here!!

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to change.  What I enjoy most about fall are how many natural opportunities it provides to introduce speech and language!  If it’s too cold or wet to go outside and explore, you can bring the nature inside as well.  Here are my top fall-themed activities […]

Sounds Effects and Exclamations!

Let’s talk about … SOUND EFFECTS and EXCLAMATIONS!   When a young child is struggling to talk, a good place to start to focus on are sound effects and exclamations first. When working with young children on their speech development I like to explain to parents why this approach has so much purpose. Sound effects and exclamations are powerful […]