November 2021

5 ways cooking can be a speech and language enriching activity

Thanksgiving is coming up!  What a great time to get your child involved in all the cooking and prep work for that big holiday meal.  Cooking together is such a wonderful bonding experience for both the child and parent.

So you may be asking, so how does cooking help speech and language skills?  Here are 5 ways that cooking together can be a speech and language enriching activity.

  1. Builds vocabulary – targets items found in the kitchen
  2. Demonstrates action words – focus on simple action words such as open, cut, bake, stir, eat, cook, etc.
  3. Teaches your child to take turns – alternate taking turns stirring, pouring, cutting, etc.
  4. Helps your child follow one, two, and even three step directions – example open, pour stir.
  5. Increases conversation skills – talk about how the dish tastes, smells, looks, etc.

Do you want some easy-to-follow recipes you can make with your child? Try these out for a yummy and educational treat